Thank You Folder - Gift Card affixed to a Thank You Folder - For fulfillment by us from your list

Our Thank You Card fulfillment mailing program works in this way:

  • You purchase three items; a Thank You card (folder), a Gift Card and a Mailing Envelope. The three items are sold together with this one item that you are currently viewing. They are fully assembled as seen in the photo above with the Gift Card affixed to the Thank You Card (folder).
  • Once the three items are printed we hold them in inventory for you
  • Each week you send us your Home Service Call List from the previous week that you would like us to mail your Thank You cards with affixed Gift Card to.
  • We then take your items out of inventory and address the envelopes with the names and addresses you've sent us.
  • Affix the Gift Card to the Thank You card (folder).
  • Insert the Thank You Card (folder) into the envelope and seal
  • Affix the postage
  • Deliver to the Post Office
  • Place your unused items back into inventory

This Product contains three items that are sold together:

  •  5.5" x 8.5" (4.25" x 5.5" folded size) Thank You card (folder), printed on both sides, 100# white card stock
  • A-2 Envelope, printed in color on one side, 28# white
  • 3.375" x 2.125" Gift Card, printed on both sides with your choice of:
    • Heavyweight card stock (paper) This is your lowest-cost option
    • Lightweight plastic
    • Heavyweight plastic (similar to a credit card).

Pricing - There are two components to the cost of this product and service

  1. The initial cost to preprint a quantity (inventory) of three different items (Thank You card, Gift Card and Envelope). The initial cost is stated in the purchase price above.
  2. Each week when you send us your weekly service list for us to use for the mailing, there is a cost of 99¢ each for the assembly, envelope addressing and affixing of postage. First class postage is additional at 63¢ each. We will then charge your credit card (on file) for the number of homeowner records in your weekly list at $1.57 each.

Finally - Our published print pricing does not include the cost of Creative Design that is required to brand your Thank You Card (folder), Gift Card and Envelope for your company. A one-time $29 Creative Design fee must be selected from the dropdown menu in the price calculator above if this is your first order of these Thank You Cards.

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  • Be print-ready PDFs
  • Be designed to the item’s actual size
  • Have crops with bleeds extended
  • Have fonts embedded or outlined
  • Contain 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) file resolution
  • Have all colors converted to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and not supplied as RGB (Red, Green, Blue). If you provide RGB formatted files and we convert them to CMYK as required by our printing process, your print colors will change and PrintFast will not be held responsible. All printed colors resulting from client-supplied RGB formatted PDFs are solely your responsibility.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Preflight charges may apply. Preflight is the process where we open and verify your supplied file to be sure that it has the correct settings, as stated above, necessary for accurate print production.