Design Your Own Postcard - 11" x 5.75"
  • 11" wide x 5.75" high
  • 80# Gloss Coated Cover
  • Printed in Full Color on both sides of the postcard
  • Your postcard must be designed in landscape mode.
  • One side of your postcard design must contain a mailing panel (non-printed area used for addressing and barcode) at the bottom right corner that is 4" wide x 2" high.
  • You have three options for sending your postcards:
    • Existing Clients - You may supply us with your client list. The list must be provided (attached above) in .CSV format with individual fields for: first last name, street address, city, state, zip
    • Saturation mailings - Reach everyone in your target zips for one low cost. Note, using this postage rate classification, the USPS requires that we mail to all residences. This will include apartments and home renters but not businesses.
    • Targeted Prospects - Select your target zips and filter by: Homeowners (not renters), owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, household income, home value, age of home and more. 
  • Mailing Lists are provided with our Saturation and Targeted Prospect mailings. Any Mailing Lists that we provide cannot be shared with you as they are rented from our mail list provider solely for the purpose of addressing your mailing one time.
  • Targeted Prospect mail lists include FREE demographic filters for Homeowners (no renters), owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, household income, home value, and age of home
  • Other demographic filters such as credit rating are available at an additional cost
  • Mail list mapping, (used to identify the streets in a specific community) if requested is additional. Please contact us for full details
  • Standard Rate Postage (USPS Marketing Mail classification) is included
  • One delivery to the Post Office is included
  • Upload Design - If you have already created your postcard and have a print-ready PDF, you may select our Upload Design option to send us your file. Please see our UPLOAD DESIGN FILE REQUIREMENTS on the next tab (at the top of this text box, to the right of the DESCRIPTION heading. Hover your mouse over the heading and click). Preflight charges may apply.
  • All design files that you have created using our Designer Studio, Upload Design, or Browse Design options (as available) will reside on our server and will be available to you in your account for future editing and/or reorders.
  • QUESTIONS? Please call us at 800-810-4818. We'll be happy to speak with you!
  • REBATES - If you are a member of any organization that proposes the payment of rebates for your purchase with us, please be advised due to the very low cost of this product and the cost of postage (which is included in the price) that rebates will not be paid.


  • Be print-ready PDFs
  • Have crops with bleeds extended
  • Have fonts embedded or outlined
  • Contain 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) file resolution
  • Have all colors converted to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and not supplied as RGB (Red, Green, Blue). If you supply RGB formatted files and we convert them to CMYK as required by our printing process, your print colors will change and PrintFast will not be held responsible. All colors that are a result of client supplied RGB formatted PDFs are soley your responsibility.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Preflight charges may apply. Preflight is the process where we open and verify your supplied file to be sure that it has the correct settings, as stated above, necessary for accurate print production.

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