• 11" wide x 5.75" high
  • 80# Gloss Coated Cover
  • Printed in Full Color on both sides of the postcard
  • A radius mail list based on your supplied service history list will be provided for the purpose of addressing your postcards.
  • Radius postcard mailings must contain a minimum of 500 postcards in total. For instance, 5 home service addresses with a radius mailing of 100 homes around each. Or, 3 home service addresses with a radius mailing of 167 homes around each.
  • Lists cannot be shared with you as they are purchased from our data sources solely for the purpose of addressing your mailing one time
  • Standard Rate Postage (USPS Marketing Mail classification) is included
  • Delivery to the Post Office is included
  • Pricing includes the cost of creative design that is required to brand this Radius Postcard for your company.
    • Upload Design - If you have already created your Radius Postcard and have a print-ready PDF, you may select our Upload Design option to send us your file. Please see our UPLOAD DESIGN FILE REQUIREMENTS on the next tab (at the top of this text box, to the right of the DESCRIPTION heading. Hover your mouse over the heading and click). Preflight charges may apply.
  • All design files that you have created using our Designer Studio, Upload Design, or Browse Design options (as available) will reside on our server and will be available to you in your account for future editing and/or reorders.
  • QUESTIONS? Please call us at 800-810-4818. We'll be happy to speak with you!
  • REBATES - If you are a member of any organization that proposes the payment of rebates for your purchase with us, please be advised due to the very low cost of this product and the cost of postage (which is included in the price) that rebates will not be paid.
  • Your supplied list (of where you have provided service) must be a .csv formatted spreadsheet containing the following fields:
  • The street address 1 (where the service was performed)
  • The street address (where the service was performed)
  • The city (where the service was performed)
  • The state (where the service was performed)
  • The zip (where the service was performed)
  • The date of service (when the service was performed)
  • The type of service provided (so we print the appropriate service photo from the list below)
    • Sewer (re-pipe and repair/pipe lining)
    • Heating
    • Cooling
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Whole-home water filtration
    • Whole-home generator
    • One day/new bathroom
    • Electrical Services
    • Water heater
    • IAQ
  • The $ value of your gift coupon
  • Submit (upload) your list to us using the "Select File" link above

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