Client retention is easy when you stay in touch by sending a quarterly newsletter to your past and current customers. Each issue is professionally written to be warm, friendly and engaging. Your clients will feel connected to you and, when they need service, your name will be top of mind. In marketing, there is an old saying... “if you forget your clients, they will forget you”. Do not let this happen to your company.

Our newsletters will never directly sell your products or services. But instead, they present topics such as IAQ, home safety and comfort, all in an attractive and entertaining format. As a result, the newsletter is intended to make the homeowner think about their quality of life and how it may be enhanced. It also presents new opportunities for improved comfort such as mini-splits. Again, all without blatant selling. On the mailing panel, there are spaces provided for your coupons. Everyone likes to save money and this is your opportunity to give homeowners an opportunity to save. Just send us your four or six offers, expiration dates and any other important information or disclaimers.

The only other content that you will need to provide is a 100-word “From The Owner” statement and your owner’s photograph. This is an important part of the newsletter design because people buy from people and not companies. And putting the owner’s photo and message in your newsletter is key to maintaining a warm and neighborly level of communication with your clients.

Our newsletter pricing starts at 79¢ each (all costs including postage) without contracts or commitments for continued mailings. Included in our pricing is placing your company logo, contact information and coupons and changing colors to be coordinated with your brand. We will of course provide proofs for your approval. If you would like to edit or change the newsletter (design or content) you may do so, however creative design time and our hourly rates will apply.


  • 8.5” X 11”, four-page direct mailer
  • Printed in full color on glossy paper
  • Professionally written and editable
  • Minimum quantity 500
  • Pricing as low as 79¢ each (all costs including postage)
  • No contracts or commitments for continued mailings

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