Direct Mail PLUS

Direct Mail PLUS combines traditional direct mail with modern social marketing, sending home service providers' messages to homeowners across all platforms in a single day. Postcards go to the mailbox, and matching offers appear on connected devices, maximizing outreach for a comprehensive and timely message strategy.

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Why Choose PrintFast for
Direct Mail PLUS?


Blend direct mail postcards with social media posts to engage customers on multiple fronts, boosting brand visibility and message retention.


Simultaneous delivery reinforces your brand and offer in your target audience's minds, ensuring message consistency.

Response Rates

The dual approach boosts response rates by exposing customers to your offer both offline and online, increasing the likelihood of action.


Using social media enables personalized targeting based on user preferences and behaviors, enhancing message relevance and appeal.

Data Tracking

Social media metrics offer insights into customer interactions, aiding in refining your messaging and marketing strategies.


Combining direct mail with social media cost-effectively reaches a broad audience with tailored content, maximizing your marketing ROI.


Direct Mail PLUS is an option that may be added to any direct mail program that we create for you. The cost is as low as 5¢ per postcard in addition to the cost of the postcard.

What Our Clients Say?

“This company is amazing! Bill and his team are so professional, they truly care about their clients and strive every day to make sure they are giving 110%! Thank you so much!”

Travis M.

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