Membership Mailings

Sending a membership kit to new home service plan members is invaluable. It provides vital plan info, enhances onboarding, fosters belonging, and includes resources, promoting long-term satisfaction and loyalty. This tangible welcome strengthens the homeowner-provider relationship, ensuring clarity and convenience while making members feel valued and committed.

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Why Choose PrintFast for Sending Your
Membership Mailings?


Membership kits provide homeowners with comprehensive information about their plan, reducing confusion and ensuring they understand the services they have access to.

Improved Customer

It enhances the onboarding process, making homeowners feel valued and appreciated from the start, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


The kits can include tips, guides, or resources that engage homeowners and help them make the most of their service plan.

Promotion of Additional

Membership kits can introduce homeowners to other services or upgrades they might be interested in, potentially increasing revenue for the provider.


By showcasing the benefits of the plan and offering a tangible welcome, membership kits can foster long-term loyalty among homeowners.

Branding and

These kits reinforce the brand identity of the home service provider, helping homeowners remember and trust the company for future needs.


  • Our Membership Mailers are thoroughly custom and will be designed to deliver your brand’s customer experience to the homeowner.
  • Product development and pricing is custom.
  • Feel free to contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say?


“Great Company all around!!! from people taking orders to editing proof team making sure its correct I would not go with anyone else!! We got into a bind with a backdrop needed and the team did not hesitate getting our backdrop out fast and ready for our show!!! Thanks team!! ”

Derek B.

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