Service Request postcards are often referred to as the power Tool of Postcard Marketing. And just like power tools they typically work fast and efficiently with great results. Ideally your Service Request postcards should be mailed to two different groups. First, you can mail them to your current comfort plan members as a reminder to schedule their maintenance service. Then, they should also be to used for prospecting new clients who might see this postcard as an official service notification that requires their response.

Our Service Request postcard program is simple, low-cost, and best of’s very fast. Your postcards will be printed and mailed in one business day once approved for production. Just send us your client list and we take care of the rest…guaranteed! And if you’re planning on using them for prospecting let’s have a conversation about your target market. We’ll provide you with all the demographic research and quality mail lists to find your best new clients.

Print Fast

Low cost…

Your Service Request postcards will cost as low .27¢ each, all costs included…even postage! We’ll even edit this postcard design for your company at no cost (a $65 value). These postcards are yellow and will certainly stand out in the mail. They measure 6 inches wide by 4 inches high and will be sent as First Class mail which is actually the lowest cost USPS postage rate for this size they will arrive in the homes very quickly.
The best part of our Service Request postcard mailings are that there are no contracts or commitments for continued mailings. Give us a call today and we will show you just how easy it is to send Service Request postcards.


  • 4” X 6”, direct mail postcard
  • Printed in black ink on yellow card stock
  • Professionally written and editable
  • Minimum quantity 1,000
  • Cost as low as .27¢ each (all costs including postage)
  • No contracts or commitments for continued mailings

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