Have you just provided service to a homeowner? If so, chances are that their neighbors also need the same service. Typically homes of a similar age and size are generally built in the same communities. And chances are that if one home needs repair or replacement, others in the area are not far behind. Why not begin the conversation with this target group be sending them a Radius Postcard with your special offer.

These postcards are large, glossy and will certainly stand out in the mail. Measuring 6 inches wide by 11 inches high, they will grab the homeowner's attention as they are larger than almost any other piece of mail that they will receive.

Our program is simple. Just provide us each week with your service call information and we’ll target 150 homes around each address. We’ll share the good news that you’ve provided trusted and reliable service to one of their neighbors living on Main Street (for example). And if they contact you soon, you’d be happy to provide the same service to them. We’ll custom craft the text to any one of a number of home services that you provide so you will be speaking directly to the homeowner about their HVAC system, for instance.

Print Fast

Low cost…

Your Radius Postcards will cost 64¢ each, all costs included…even postage! And there are no contracts or commitments for continued mailings. Give us a call today and we will show you just how easy it is to spread the good news around your target neighborhood.


  • 6” X 11” Jumbo sized postcard stands out in the mail
  • Printed in full color on glossy card stock
  • Professionally written and editable
  • Minimum quantity 1,000
  • Pricing as low as 67¢ each (all costs including postage)
  • No contracts or commitments for continued mailings

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