Sending direct mail is still one of the most proven and trustworthy methods to alert consumers to your product and services. With each postcard or letter that you send you are truly putting your brand into the homeowner’s hands. There is not other marketing media that can deliver is such a positive way.

Studies show that 75-80% of consumers open and read marketing mail that they received prior to discarding it. Studies also show that Email, regardless of its content, has a 37% chance of being scanned through and deleted without much thought or attention. When you consider the return on investment, direct mail provides a powerful added advantage for you and your business that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Target Your Best Prospects

It’s easy to identify and target your best prospects based on demographic profiles or avatars. Using parameters such as zip codes, homeowner occupied single family homes and household income are just some of the ways that we zero in and reach your best prospects. Then when you know who you’re speaking to it’s easy to deliver your best offers for high conversions and ROI.



Postcards are the most efficient method to deliver your message, increase leads, and expand sales. Postcards are sent directly to your customers and prospects, in an area that you wish to market to. Seasonal postcards builds recurring business relationships. Postcards are one of the most popular mail marketing items used today. The most successful postcard campaigns use full color printing on both sides of a thick, 16pt glossy card stock. We offer many different sizes and styles of postcards to choose from. We also offer letter mailings which may include brochures, reply envelopes, gift cards, or a variety of targeted marketing promotions inside the envelope.


Sometimes your message to the homeowner/prospect is far too detailed to be contained in a simple postcard. Or, perhaps you just need more space to make a compelling offer. Letter mailings may be the answer. Your letter mailing can be single or multiple pages and may even include a magnet or other promotional item. Marketing Letters are a terrific way to deliver detailed news and promotions to you current and future clientele. Marketing letters provide you with an opportunity to connect with clients in greater detail, delivering that specific information that will drive traffic and increase sales. Marketing letters are used in most industries, and have proven results.


Our newsletters are a four page, direct mail piece that is designed to be entertaining, informative, interesting and engaging. And, at the same time, we want to present and sell your products and services. It’s certainly a fine line…but one that we’re happy to craft with words and images. We don’t provide crossword puzzles or recipes in our newsletter designs, (unless you would like to include them) however we can customize your newsletter so that it directly speaks to your local audience with any content that you would like to provide to us. Our goal is to market your products and services in a fun and friendly way.


It’s as simple as a smile, and the results go vertical. A Thank You card that provides an inspirational message, or a money saving offer, or a combination of both simply accents the amazing services that were provided. Show your customers that you care by sending a card to let them know that you appreciate the trust that they have placed with you. Remember too the service anniversaries of your homeowner clients with a Service Anniversary Card. Service anniversaries are the perfect time to let your homeowners know how many years that you have been providing trusted service to their home and family. This is a perfect tool to built your long-term relationship with your clients.


A mailing list is a filtered report of names and addresses that can be used by your company to send your marketing materials and promotions to multiple homeowners. A great mailing list is the key to your success. We only use quality, current data lists. We’ll work closely with you to identify the audience for your product or service. You can target your list by income, age, verified homeowner, and other criteria. During the process we will refine the demographics so that your list will surely hit your target market. Our lists are provided by industry-leading sources as Dun and Bradstreet, Experian and multiple public record sources.


We make mail marketing easy. PrintFast brushes away the clutter and frustration of sending marketing mail postcards and letters. The USPS continues to create a more complex set of rules for direct mail. And each new year, the regulations become more restrictive as their systems are under constant changes and streamlining. We have made a serious investment into the software and equipment that communicates directly with the Post Office’s mail distribution systems. We are one of the leading direct mail companies in the area… well respected by the USPS for our knowledge and experience.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Can't say enough good things about Printfast. Bill, Kim and the whole team go above and beyond to meet our company's needs. They turn our work around under short (impossible, some would say!) deadlines and are always super responsive to emails and feedback. As a small business owner, it is sometimes challenging to find vendors to work with that are reliable, trustworthy, and easy to work with. They make my job infinitely easier, and for that I'm grateful. Thank you guys! – Kelly Webber